"Down with the Shine"

An ode to the vintage and rustic way of life, the way it should be.




Robot Spider from Robugtix

Find out more about the Robugtix here:ย http://www.robugtix.com/

Also much more detail info at the source


My most recent piece is a bedframe inspired by Ulm Cathedral and the elm tree. The birds are based on the Ulmer Spatz. Itโ€™s queen-sized, made of steel, bronze, and wood (oak). There are outlets in the frame at either side of the head. Total weight ~160kg (350lbs). The project took around 350-400 hours of combined labor for design, construction, photography, and delivery/assembly.

Iโ€™m really proud of it! Thereโ€™s definitely a little bit of my soul (and blood, sweat, and tears) in this thing. Please pass it on if you like what you see.


Special thanks:

Henriette Abitz โ€” portrait photograph, metalwork, being my hero
Scott Lefton โ€” woodwork

Jonathan Rummel โ€” photography


Si no se os ha puesto dura es que no os gustan las espadas

Source (Blacksmith album on imgur)

(Source: swingtheaxe)


Womenโ€™s Work: Reimagining โ€œBlue-Collarโ€

26 images of tenacious, strong female loggers, welders, firefighters, miners and so forth challenging the idea of what we consider โ€œwomenโ€™s work.โ€


Wait, lady! Don’t blame his pipe… it’s his tobacco that won’t meet the indoor test.
(Bond Street, 1942)


Wait, lady! Donโ€™t blame his pipeโ€ฆ itโ€™s his tobacco that wonโ€™t meet the indoor test.

(Bond Street, 1942)